Thursday, June 5, 2008

once again harassed

Well it happened again. This cop was incredibly insulting, nasty and just plain has a bad attitude.

"Dear Chief Anthony Bossi,
Today, the 5th day of June, 2008, Officer Fuller (his name badge had Fuller written on it) stopped and questioned me in what would appear to be at the minimum an attempt to prevent me from openly exercising my right to bear arms. He approached me, stated to keep my hands where he could see them, then grabbed my antique (circa 1880's) revolver out of my holster. He asked me for ID, which I did not have, but I clearly identified myself by name. He gave me trouble over this and attempted to argue that I must carry an ID card with me at all times. I pointed out that while the law may require a citizen identify him or her self by name to an officer when asked, it does not require a person to carry at all times and show on demand ID when walking. He insisted that I was wrong. He proceeded to question me, and, just as the other officers did previously, attempted to intimidate and discourage me from exercising my rights. He gave me no reason or probable cause other than that a person whom he would not name had reported seeing a man with a gun. He questioned me as to why I was carrying said revolver to which I replied self-defense if needed, and that it is my right. I furthermore commented that I do not feel this city to be terribly safe, with all the drug dealer problems and such recently. The officer repeatedly stated "think" when I insisted that it is my right to carry a sidearm. He asked me on what do I base my claims, and I stated the Constitution, state law, and decisions of the courts, to which he responded "where do you come up with this crap." When I mentioned State v. Rosenthal, decided by the Vermont Supreme Court in 1903, he said, "that was 1903, this is 2008," exhibiting complete disregard and contempt for the decision of our state’s highest court, a ruling in which the court sternly protected the right of individuals to bear arms. He also mentioned MA laws against the carrying of arms, implying that if MA has laws banning the carrying of firearms such restrictions must be acceptable legally, to which I responded that this is Vermont, not MA, and that our courts have protected this right. He said that he does not believe I am responsible enough to be carrying a firearm. When I inquired as to what law granted him the authority to take my gun from me and unload it in the first place without my permission, he said rather loudly and close to my face, "my law," and stated also that it was to make him and me safer. He was unable to cite any law giving him this authority, leaving this question not answered satisfactorily. I am particularly troubled by the fact that a servant of the public, a police officer, has decided that he may make law up at will, or at the minimum, claim he is doing so and feel nothing is wrong with that.
Officer Fuller stated at one point that it is not normal behavior for a person to carry a loaded gun around. I asked him who decides what is normal behavior, and he said "society," to which I responded that the Constitution and rights guaranteed by it must be respected. He also said that the world is "changing" and that I must either accept and adapt to these changes, or face the "consequences," and that it is not the "wild west where everyone carries a gun around." He also suggested that I move to a state like AZ where it’s more common to carry a gun. Some references were made to the old city ordinance, removed in the 1990's, prohibiting the carrying of a loaded gun. I said that it was removed because it was illegal under state law, and that the Supreme Court of Vermont in State v. Rosenthal had thrown out a similar ordinance, and that similar ordinances in other cities were removed in the 1990's either by courts through lawsuit or under threat of same. He argued that it was legal for the city to do so and that it was removed only because it was a "stupid law" and that it is impossible to tell whether or not a gun being carried is loaded. He is incorrect in that state law prohibits cities/municipalities from prohibiting or restricting the possession, ownership or carrying of firearms, and in my previous complaint to this department, I included a copy of the pertinent part of this statute.
It is becoming clear to me that this police department is attempting to intimidate and hassle people who exercise this right into not doing so out of fear and inconvenience of being stopped and questioned. Officer Fuller wasted over 30 minutes of my time today, without any valid reason or authority, trying to convince me through conversation against carrying a gun for protection, and he stated that he frequently discourages people in the city from carrying weapons. He stated that I have made myself "part of the problem" in this city by carrying a weapon, clearly trying to compare me to the criminal drug dealers and such who have caused so much trouble in recent history as I had earlier mentioned these people making me feel the city is not safe, and I deeply resent this comparison.
I hereby lodge a complaint with this officer named Fuller and anxiously await your response. As I stated in my previous letter, written the day before this present letter, if there is any particular form that must be filled out or used in order to lodge and file a complain against this officer, I request that you advise me of that fact. Any response may be made in writing to the address at the top of this letter.


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E. Z. Sjolander. The Rebel. said...

You go Casey! Me, I'm a wimp and carry concealed to prevent such attacks from officers.