Monday, February 22, 2010

Pedophile Police in Rutland, and the Sea Shepherd Terrorists

Well, lately, there's been a massive story emerging about a police officer in Rutland, Vermont looking at child pornography at work (in the police station). He had many images on his computer, DVD's including one labelled "teen porn." As if this weren't enough, the coverup is disgusting: the search warrant was sealed for 6 months, the cop argued and delayed releasing his name, the officer was not put on leave until the press broke the story, the state police are claiming they can't charge him due to a lack of evidence of intent (really? Having a DVD entitled "teen porn" is not evidence of intent?), and, the icing on the cake: a legislator, at the request of a police union, proposed a bill that would hide internal investigations of police. The officer, Sgt. Schauwecker, has been in charge in the past of investigations into child abuse issues. So, we had a pedophile in the position to investigate abuse of children. He also recently lead an internal investigation when a suspect in a holding cell was abused (shot with chalk rounds while in custody), and, not shockingly, that "investigation" was nothing but a whitewash.

What we need is an external investigation of this.

Today I noted Whale Wars re-runs were on much of the day on Planet Green. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they are a radical animal rights group that engages in eco-terrorism against Japanese whalers, Canadian sealers, and various other people. These people want us all to be vegans, to not use animals at all, and they're willing to hurt or kill for their agenda. Up in Canada they nearly killed some sealers by breaking up the ice under their feet, resulting in their ship being seized by the Canadian government:

Their tactics against the whalers include ramming ships, trying to foul propellers with ropes (dangerous in those remote, cold waters, with dangerous icebergs about), throwing bottles of butyric acid at the whalers (contrary to the claims calling it "rancid butter," they are throwing industrial grade acid in glass bottles at the ships, here is the MSDS showing how dangerous it is, apart from the broken glass danger: ), throwing some chemical that makes the decks slippery (hello! slippery decks+broken glass+dangerously cold waters you can die in rapidly=violent attacks that threaten people's lives!), illegally boarding vessels to then lie and claim a "hostage situation" to cause friction between countries diplomatically (Watson's lies were all caught on film however), etc. Of course, if the Japanese do anything in self-defense the terrorists contact the media claiming they (the attackers) were victims. Things have gotten heated up down there now. One terrorist ship sunk after purposely colliding with a whaling ship. There's been at least two rammings I know of. Here's one, showing Sea Shepherd ramming (and proof they lied to the press):

And another, this one from last year:

Watson is claiming for the third season of whale wars this year that tactics will be stronger, etc.

So, I'll say this: if someone with a ship and money is going to go after these terrorists, let me know, I'd volunteer to help stop these terrorists. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw this show, a show for eco-terrorism. At first attempts were made to present both sides. Now, watch ads for it, and watch season's blatant propaganda for the Sea Shepherd people.