Sunday, December 20, 2009

Perhaps the Answer is to Create a New Country

I can't devote the time necessary now to do a full write-up of everything the obomination has been up to in his war against freedom (everything from increasing government spying of the people, using strong-arm tactics and threats against opponents to try to silence all opposition, make the governent involved in nearly everything...for starters), or all the recent instances of police abusing people or murdering people, but I will say this: we need drastic measures taken to restore freedom in this world. If Ron Paul's attempts to restore freedom with a grassroots method fails, we are left with two options: either a state secedes and we make at least a portion of this country free, or, the second option, create a new country. Now, this isn't the 1800's or earlier when there was a considerable amount of land available for settlement. About all we have today for unclaimed land is Antarctica, hardly a hospitable place. This would not be entirely impossible, some portions of Antarctica have a climate not too unlike Barrow, Alaska. Growing anything would be nearly impossible, and there would be only the sea to sustain a country. Contrary to what animal rights activists assert, many whale species are not endangered and would provide many resources including whale oil, meat, bone, etc., for use in addition to fish. It would of necessity be a very primitive existence.

Now the other option if forming a new country should become necessary combines secession with forming a new country, by finding suitable land that is in a state of anarchy with no true government authority in place any longer, and sparsely if at all populated. This would be a very risky, dangerous mission, given the violence throughout the undeveloped world.

It would take a considerable amount of money to do anything of this sort, obviously, to fund transportation, arm the settlers for security, provide food and other supplies, etc.. The tyrants of the world will of course want to crush an attempt by people at freedom but, that must not dissuade freedom-lovers from seeking it. I was inspired by a mention of micronations on a forum. This could be made a reality should events in the United States turn for the worst in the next several years or decades. The United States is not a lost cause as of yet so do not give up hope in improving the country our ancestors created, including, one of my ancestors whose signature as a delegate from NH is on the Constitution.


First President and Founding Father of the Antarctic Republic (location: Antarctica), and any other country or territory at any time controlled by the Antarctic Republic.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Been a Long Time

Since I posted. I've been meaning to post commentary on some of the terrible stuff obama has been up to, my garden, and such, but haven't gotten around to it. Posting more will have to wait longer but I'll say this: to all the scumbag tyrants of the world, I am still watching your every tyrannical move, you do not go unnoticed. You will sneak nothing past me in the middle of the night or buried in 2,000 pages.