Friday, December 31, 2010

Contrary to What Some May Think...

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth (yet). I simply haven't had the time or energy to keep blogging about all the insanity in our world for a while.

I'm not even sure where to begin on what Obama has been up to. Fortunately, the country ended Democrat control of the House, but the dems forced through many terrible things in the lame duck session (giving the FDA control over our food, etc.). Vermont not surprisingly continued to keep its collective heads in the sand wishing the spending fest can continue here. Shumlin got less than half the votes but with a dem controlled legislature, Dubie had no shot anyways. Now all the fruits and nuts in the state can push their idiotic agendas and bankrupt the state. Perhaps that will be good if the voters wake up in 2012, but it seems flatlander fools in Chittenden County control the state. Perhaps it's long past time to do what VT'ers failed to do in the 60's and 70's: chase the communist scum out of our state. A New Green Mountain Boys is what this state needs. Imagine loud day and night protests, etc., to drive the political scum out. Send them back to NY and MA and the other commie states.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama, Wildfires, Garden

Well, it's been a while since I last posted.

Since then, Obama has got caught offering two people running in primary elections jobs to drop out. Perhaps he's going to pull a Nixon and do our country a big favor by getting impeached if he doesn't resign? Probably not until the dems lose some more seats in Congress.

Obama is also bungling the oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil threatens important marshes, fisheries, and even the freshwater supply of Florida (it could potentially get into FL's aquifer, destroying the state). The feds were supposed to have plans and equipment in place for this sort of thing, but did not. After being heavily critical of Bush on Katrina, it seems Obama has decided to do worse.

Just last week my land in Alaska was threatened by a wildfire, as were many neighbors and their property. The "Applegate Fire" as it was named started because of a dry thunderstorm's lightning striking during dry conditions, got out of control and burned several thousand acres, breaching the Elliot Highway, burning some of Eureka, and putting the villages of Minto and Manley Hot Springs at risk. The government response initially was a bit lacking, to say the least. It only got raised in level and given attention by the feds before it was really fought by the authorities. Thankfully, the local residents of the area got together and made firebreaks with their own equipment and between that, the wind shifting and turning it in on itself, some rain, and finally some help by firefighters, it's relatively under control now, with just some spotfires. It could have been much worse but luckily, I'm not aware of any homes destroyed. It got within a mile and a half of the area my land and several others' land is at. This year's wildfires are unprecedented in recent times. Very early and lots of fires because of dry and hot weather. Spruce is just standing fuel ready to be ignited in dry conditions.

My garden is mostly okay. The peas got eaten up but are recovering, seems most of my seed is coming up now, and I transplanted in some melons, tomatoes, peppers, etc. The cantaloupe looks unhappy but I'll see how it goes. I've noticed a woodchuck up there which will likely be a source of problems.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cities Gag Me, Lazy Seeds, Jobs and More

I took a long walk the other day, middle of the day, during the worst traffic here. I don't normally do so but I had several things to do around town. Well, it reminded me of why I always avoided that before: I couldn't breathe! Nothing but car fumes gagging me, then I got light headed after breathing in constant diesel fumes for a mile (what was with all the trucks?). It's amazing how for such a small place, this town has all the traffic congestion and pollution problems you'd expect in a big city in NY.

Note to self: walk at night again, or walk in the woods instead, unless forced to spend time in the city during the day. Of importance also I noted some real (somewhat threatening) characters roaming the streets, none of them locals. We're definately attracting the wrong sorts from certain cities out of state. I suspect everyone locally knows the same thing.

Now, other things: my seeds are lazy this year. Absolutely lazy in growing. They're coming up but very, very slowly. Seems to me more should be up already. Well, whatever, I have a couple months before they need to go in the ground anyways. The trees outside are not being lazy but it may hurt them. This warm weather has gotten the trees coming back to life too early, so when we get a hard freeze like we should still get, it will be bad. I predict some bad crops of nuts and fruit this year, and a die off for the wildlife. I hope I'm wrong, but if not, you heard it here first.

I've been attempting to get some work (because obviously trapping isn't exactly bringing in big profits these days), a good paying job, ideally to have enough to pay cash for some land within a year and the permit crap to build. This is easier said than done. I applied for a job as a park ranger and it closed yesterday, but still no word. I've heard it can take a few weeks for them to score the applications, and even then, I may well be beat by someone who gets a score of 110 from a veterans preference. The wait is killing me. If I got it I'd have enough cash by September for everything. There's other things out there but honestly, working part time retail work isn't going to cut it, and is more likely to drive me to insanity than to success. I need something where I'm out of the city and away from crowds. Too bad there aren't many logging opportunities here that I can find. That would work well for me. I once wanted to teach but I'm convinced now I'm absolutely not teacher material.

The socialists have really screwed up the economy here, and of course, seem intent on spreading it over the rest of the country too. The biggest problem with this state is for too long we've allowed a bunch of elitist, marxist (yes, I'll use the dirty Vermont F word) flatlanders from NY, MA, CT and NJ and ex-hippies run this state after they escaped the sewers they created at home. We've allowed them to usurp our state and run it into the ground. I saw where there's a group of welfare entitlement activists encouraging the state to raise taxes even more rather than cut what they think they're entitled to. I wish I had commented on it when it came out because I can't find it anymore, but the local paper had an article on a lifelong welfare recipient who's organized others to fight to stay on government handouts for life. Now it's one thing to need help when things get bad, but to have no drive to do anything but collect handouts all your life? That's disturbing. The whole entitlement attitude in it just about put me into shock. It's frightening that this is what our country is turning into. And in this state too, it's hard to believe what was once the most conservative, hard working state has turned into this. The socialists/progressives have poisoned multiple generations with laziness and a hatred for work, religion, liberty and success.

One of the kooks from Brattleboro has announced a run for governor, but I honestly must say they had to have been high when they wrote it (though admittedly anything marxist strikes me that way):

The scariest part is I could actually see a person like that winning votes in Brattleboro and Burlington (can we please split those cities off from this state?). These people want the government running our lives, they want to manipulate us through "planning" and social engineering, treating us as guinea pigs in a big experiment. We need to rid our government of these sorts. Will people wake up this November and quit voting for these idiots or will our state and country just slowly collapse?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arrogant Politicians, Genealogy, and More

The legislature's committee rejected several ballot measures that overwhelmingly passed on town meeting day. They would have instituted term limits and limited taxpayers' money going to pensions, etc., of public employees. Essentially it boiled down to this: a bunch of elitist, arrogant, power-thirsty career politicians (such as Rep. Howard, Alderwoman Davis, etc.), don't want we the people to be able to stop them from maintaining their iron grip on our state. These scum need to be reminded who's in charge. We need to, statewide, institute term limits, I think, to get rid of career politicians. I'm half tempted to run for office in response but I find politicians so distasteful and am a bit out of my comfort zone in large crowds, so I will have to give it more thought.

Genealogy can be fun: I did quite a bit of research some time ago and traced my father's family back to the 9th century in England (actually to a Dane in England, the Danes controlled much of England at the time). Doing more research, particularly on the people related through all the marriages with people outside the family, etc., has turned up several interesting items: in two different ways I'm distantly related to Thomas Jefferson (my favorite founding father and president), I'm related to Robert E. Lee, one of the men who died at the Alamo and his brother (also related obviously) died at the Goliad massacre. One relative was one of the first settlers of the town of Craftsbury, Vermont, another lead an important raid on some Indian raiders on a town in the early Colonial days in New England and won, one of my ancestors was tried for witchcraft in CT and was found not guilty, nearly every adult male member of my family alive at the time fought in the American Revolution, I'm related to a colonial governor of Maryland, and the first members of my family came over in the 1630's, followed in the decades after by many more cousins. There's still more to research but the records are incomplete for the remainder so I suspect little more will turn up. My mother's side is far more difficult to research but I am related to one of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention from a New England state, another served with General Washington as an assistant/aid, one was closely involved with Paul Revere and other Sons of Liberty. My mother's family can likewise be traced to the 1630's in America, but I have not researched all the marriages, etc., to see other connections and possibly earlier dates.

I've been giving thought, due to things going on with myself and my family, the picture nationally, financial reasons, etc., that I may give up on going to Alaska, at least in the near future. Which puts me on the land hunt and the hunt for a job to pay for said land. I'm thinking I'd be best off in the Northeast Kingdom for land, though the climate is a bit worse for growing certain fruit trees and nut trees than central Vermont. I've been after some park ranger jobs but so far have not heard anything back.

If anyone is interested in some land (19.99 acres with no property taxes or building permits required, about 160 miles from Fairbanks by road) in Alaska I may be open to selling it for what I've got into it (with the combined payments and downpayment I've paid, looking at about $3,000 or thereabouts) as downpayment then I could transfer the contract with the state to the buyer (I've already got the state's contract assignment/transfer form in case I find a buyer) and the buyer would have some pretty low minimum payments for another 8 years or less. Might help towards the downpayment on some land down here, I figure when I do move up there, there will be more land available. If it doesn't sell, I'll simply have that 20 acres waiting up there unused.

By the way, I apologize to any readers for requiring comments to be approved before posting (and I know I don't check often enough), but I've been getting so many spam comments (which I'm quite certain extend from my post on the Sea Shepherd terrorists, they're known for this juvenile type activity and I started getting blasted immediately after that). I simply had to do something to put a stop to the spam.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Healthcare, FBI Raids, and More

Well, I'm late in posting this, but the healthcare bill passed. It will force people to buy private insurance under penalty of a fine, but does nothing to control prices. I bet the insurance companies are excited. On the bright side, several states are suing over it, and some portions of it look ripe for being declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. I can't imagine the SCOTUS buying the argument that the interstate commerce clause gives the feds the ability to force people to buy private insurance. The majority opposed this and I look forward to November's election results. Several democrats have found themselves being targets for bricks thrown at windows, coffins placed on lawns, threatening phone calls, etc. Now I must say, this would be playing right into the leftist extremists' hands, giving them fuel for their war on anyone who disagrees with them. So do not be tempted to do so.

Members of a group known as "Hutaree" were raided by the FBI. The claim by the FBI is that they planned to kill a police officer, than use improvisd explosive devices to kill more at the victim's funeral. Here's what they're saying:

Members of the group called Hutaree are charged in the case, including their
leader, David Brian Stone, also known as "Captain Hutaree."Once other officers
gathered for a slain officer's funeral, the group planned to detonate homemade
bombs at the funeral, killing more, according to newly unsealed court papers.The
indictment includes charges of seditious conspiracy, possessing a firearm during
a crime of violence, teaching the use of explosives, and attempting to use a
weapon of mass destruction — homemade bombs.The indictment charges members of
the group conspired "to levy war against the United States, (and) to oppose by
force the authority of the government of the United States."The charges follow
FBI raids over the weekend on locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.According
to investigators, the Hutaree view local, state, and federal law enforcement
personnel as a "brotherhood" and an enemy, and planned to attack them as part of
an armed struggle against the U.S. government.

I'm very skeptical. Typically the ones in any militia group, protest group, etc., advocating violence or other illegal acts, are feds or police officers who infiltrate, try to stir up trouble to arrest people they dislike (anyone who doubts this should research COINTELPRO). And typically, the so-called pipe bombs, grenades, etc., consist of people having both common plumbing pipe in their home and some gunpowder. Items millions of Americans have. Now, the Hutaree group was a bit too doom and gloom and paranoid for my tastes, but it seems to me perhaps the FBI just figures they'd be easy targets.

Furthermore, this is just too convenient in some ways: the dems pass healthcare against the will of the people, they start claiming they're being threatened, so, what better way to discredit the opposition by trumping up some terrorism charges or such, and trying to lump the opposition in with them? The far-leftists all over are already trying to connect these people with the Tea Party Movement, etc., and the SPLC is trying to blame Glenn Beck and others with inciting violence:

I wish a Rico suit would be done on the SPLC. They rouse up paranoia, smear any conservative or libertarian with the extremist/racist brush,and rake in millions in donations. They listed the Constitution party in Vermont as an "extremist" group and a militia leader in Indiana was accused of being racist by them, and so he sued successfully and forced them to remove their statements from their website. Just a couple of examples of their lies.

Now, on a lighter note, I've got plants started and some seeds ready for my garden. I'm getting more and more into heirloom varieties. I'm going to grow Armenian cucumbers this year (actually a melon that tastes like cucumbers, and grows 3 feet long). Scarlet runner beans are one of the oldest runner beans around (dating to at least the mid 1700's, and as a sidenote: never eat them raw, cook them well or they will make you sick). Tennis ball lettuce was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson and likely goes back to the 1600's. It;s a small butterhead type lettuce. I hope it grows well because it sounds interesting, especially with the Jefferson connection. I've got way too many tomato varieties: silvery fir tree, siberian, black plum, brandywine, German red strawberry, yellow pear, and cherokee purple. Yellow pear tomato is a very old variety, also grown by Jefferson. It's very mild flavored. The others also have interesting histories, such as the cherokee connection with cherokee purple. Siberian does well regardless of weather it seems and are decent enough if the better tomatoes don't produce well (or die from blight again).

I'm also growing "husk tomatoes" or "ground cherries." Related to the tomato but not a tomato. The variety I have was enjoyed by the Pilgrims in the 1600's. It's got a unique flavor I really can't describe. For peppers I'll be trying Hungarian hot wax, Anaheim chili, California wonder bell, and I plan to try jalopenos and possibly cayenne, to make some really hot, hot sauce. For beans (besides the runner beans) I'll be doing Kentucky wonder pole, blue lake pole and bush, early golden lumen wax beans. In addition to Armenian cucumbers, I'm growing early Russian cucumbers (a true cucumber, excellent for pickles or fresh eating). I'll be trying moon and stars as well as sugar baby watermelons, and I'm going to give cantaloupe a try. Now, they say to only start these about 4 weeks before transplanting, but it's simply not early enough here often. So, I;ve got some started now in large peat pots, and will also start more in May, and see which ones do best. Moon and stars is excellent, but very unreliable here. I hope it does well this year. It sucks watching the melon not grow until it's too late. All that rain and cold really hurt them. The sugar baby usually grows at least some melons before the cold hits, and are good, though not quite up to moon and stars standards.

Zucchini squash, black beauty variety likely, of course will be planted for something to have early on (though only a few plants, they just get out of control quickly, I love zucchini but can only eat so much at once), and peas, though I haven't decided on a variety. Early green broccoli, I haven't decided on what variety of cauliflower yet. And of course, onions and potatoes. Probably kennebec potatoes since I always have good luck with them, not even the blight last year got to them. Speaking of which, I truly hope we get a better summer this year. But if not, I have plans to ensure I get some good crops (involving lots of clear plastic and rope).

I may actually skip growing corn this year since I rarely have much luck with it (seriously, what's with all the earwigs? I never experienced this where I grew up, not this many, as I experienced every year I've lived on this end of town), it takes a heavy toll on the soil, and I have way too many other things to grow.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sea Shepherd Terrorists and their Forums

Well, I some time ago discovered Sea Shepherd's internet forum:

Yesterday I had time finally to really spend some time there. To be truthful, debating with such people reminds me of debating with hard core fundamentalists (who once told me I'm going to hell because I'm Catholic). In other words, you can't have any real discussion with such people. They're too brainwashed by their foolish notions. How can you convince someone that it's wrong to throw bottles of acid at vessels and those onboard, foul the propellor in dangerous seas, ram ships, sink ships, illegally board and demand money, etc., when they are convinced, like their leader Watson, that animals are more valuable than people? Watson's own words, are that "earthworms are far more valuable than people" (said at an Animal Rights Conference, visit here for more disturbing quotes from this man: )

Anyways, after posting about the law, etc., on terrorism and piracy at sea (which they are utterly ignorant of, as they actually believe that what Watson is doing is perfectly legal, despite the fact that the IWC has condemned it as terrorism, several countries including the U.S., Canada, Norway, Iceland, etc., list them as terrorists, and as we speak, one of their members is in jail awaiting charges), they simply decided to silence me, claiming this blog is a "hate" and "abusive" website. That's mighty interesting, since I would never advocate hating a person. Their ideas yes, but not the person. They on the other hand advocate violence against people ideologically opposed to them, as I will show with some examples below of their words. This is the message I got yesterday from their administrator:

"Dear vermonter,You have received an infraction at Sea Shepherd Forum.Reason:
Signature Rule Violation-------Encouraging hate in signature by linking to a
abusive site.Your signature has been removed and it must not be placed
again.Your now on mod approval for a few days to ensure that.-------This
infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it
expires. Serious infractions will never expire.All the best,Sea Shepherd

Of course I tried posting some more but they never approved any posts. In other words, a ban without listing ban by my username, so as to make it appear I just left.

In any case, their crimes will catch up to them. I find it ironic they claim to be non-violent while their members are suggesting to shoot people. For example, one poster, going by "Winpooh718" whose location is given as Staten Island, NY, posted this:

Too bad we can't get one of those old cannons used on ships, mount it to the
front, and shoot the bastards.

Another poster by the name of "Mkay" (location California) posted this:

The entire Japanese whaling fleet needs to be taken to port or sunk ,period end
of story.

Finally, I can't ignore Erik Brush, a moderator at their forum. He posted this, take careful note of the last lines, for he suggests those who oppose his ideology, should be exterminated:

Observations:Japanese Members of Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha and the ICR lower Chairman
make an attempt to give the Australian Official packaged and canned whale meat
insisting that it is a gift. They state the word gift in English knowing full
well that it is considered a cultural insult to refuse a gift in Japan. But also
knowing that Australian Anti-Whaling stance forbids any official from accepting
such an offering, and also understanding that the official cannot accept a gift
anyway in such circumstance as it would be seen as a violation ( legally ) of
his office as it can be construed as accepting a bribe from a special interest.
So knowing that he can and must refuse the gift, they try very hard to force the
offerings on him while the Chairman then spews racial prejudice and derogatory
slurs about the Official's insulting behavior in not taking the gifts which are
representative of their livelihood.It shows poor class and a lack of
intelligence, although the understanding of manipulating the political and legal
system were obviously there for anyone to see. The protest comes on the heals of
Japan's dying industry. The ICR and Kyodo Senpaku are on the verge of total
collapse and nothing will stop that. It is not a matter of "if" only "when" that
remains to be seen. The employees know this. Of course they are upset to be
loosing their livelihood. But the facts remain that there were Terrorists there
alright, but it was not in the pictures that they were holding. The terrorists
are these small groups of Bio-Criminals and WEECs. And just for the record,
WEECs are World Extinction Event Criminals and threaten ALL of humanity. They
should be educated first, and if they still attempt to destroy the planet and
humanity, then stronger measures should be pursued! WEECs are scum of the Earth,
and on the criminal rating system they are so disgusting and low, that they make
pedophiles look good! I would not waste the rocks to stone them to death, or
dirty a rope with their disgusting DNA. Bullets are the best solution for WEECs,
and even that is too good for them!

That fellow has his own website in fact (just google it). He is rather scary in my opinion. He supports killing people who oppose him, he truly believes all humans will go extinct in a century, etc. He tries to act like an expert on everything yet he is not, as will be seen if one researches laws, etc., and compare them to his claims.

They also tried denying they were putting butyric acid in those bottles they throw, insisting on calling it rancid butter when rancid butter contains only trace amounts of it. However, I found this interesting post, one of them (going by the username "whalesrcool" with a stated location of Tasmania), suggested spraying a group of protesters (the area was quite dense with protesters, take note) in Japan against Sea Shepherd with butyric acid:

Spray the area with butyric acid. Will dissipate a crowd in 0.5 seconds. lol

They try to claim rather often that if it's illegal what they're doing, why haven't they been arrested? Well, they have. Many of their members have been charged and convicted of crimes. Take this example from Canada, where the judge pointed out the two sea shepherd members had put lives in danger:

"The Defendants are repeat offenders, and there was a deliberate disregard
for regulatory requirements. The Defendants deliberately followed and interfered
with the sealing vessels. They deliberately disrupted those engaged in the lawful
activity of harvesting seals. TheDefendants deliberately, on numerous occasions,
ignored Coast Guard officials instructions to remain outside the one half
nautical mile limit and persisted in their reckless behaviour. The Defendants
endangered the lives of the fishers involved in harvesting seals that day, in
particular March 30th, and then the Defendants returned on April 11th and 12th
and engaged in the same reckless behaviour. Their behaviour was so egregious, it
caused seasoned veterans of the sea to fear for their lives.[ 20 ] No one is
saying that the Sea Shepherd Society and it’s members can not lawfully protest
the seal hunt. They have every right to do that. But they do not havethe right
to flagrantly ignore the laws of this sovereign nation, or endanger the lives of
it’s citizens who are lawfully engaged in earning a living.

Paul Watson himself has not stepped foot in Norwegian or Icelandic waters in years because he was thrown out of there (and was in fact convicted of crimes in connection with the sinking of ships).

So anyways, I cant wait until the entire terrorist organization known as Sea Shepherd is shut down. I wish some government would get on top of it. Their headquarters (in name only, based on my research, as they own a house there but nothing much seems to go on there), is based out of Washington State. The FBI has identified them as terrorists, I think they should be shut down.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Torture by Rutland Police: Officer Resigns

Well, looks like another of Rutland's finest is in some trouble. This time, it was what I think could rightly be called torture: shooting a crowd control device at a person in custody who was in shackles. Of course, the internal investigation was done by the resident pedophile of the Rutland Police Department and so charges are unlikely:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pedophile Police in Rutland, and the Sea Shepherd Terrorists

Well, lately, there's been a massive story emerging about a police officer in Rutland, Vermont looking at child pornography at work (in the police station). He had many images on his computer, DVD's including one labelled "teen porn." As if this weren't enough, the coverup is disgusting: the search warrant was sealed for 6 months, the cop argued and delayed releasing his name, the officer was not put on leave until the press broke the story, the state police are claiming they can't charge him due to a lack of evidence of intent (really? Having a DVD entitled "teen porn" is not evidence of intent?), and, the icing on the cake: a legislator, at the request of a police union, proposed a bill that would hide internal investigations of police. The officer, Sgt. Schauwecker, has been in charge in the past of investigations into child abuse issues. So, we had a pedophile in the position to investigate abuse of children. He also recently lead an internal investigation when a suspect in a holding cell was abused (shot with chalk rounds while in custody), and, not shockingly, that "investigation" was nothing but a whitewash.

What we need is an external investigation of this.

Today I noted Whale Wars re-runs were on much of the day on Planet Green. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they are a radical animal rights group that engages in eco-terrorism against Japanese whalers, Canadian sealers, and various other people. These people want us all to be vegans, to not use animals at all, and they're willing to hurt or kill for their agenda. Up in Canada they nearly killed some sealers by breaking up the ice under their feet, resulting in their ship being seized by the Canadian government:

Their tactics against the whalers include ramming ships, trying to foul propellers with ropes (dangerous in those remote, cold waters, with dangerous icebergs about), throwing bottles of butyric acid at the whalers (contrary to the claims calling it "rancid butter," they are throwing industrial grade acid in glass bottles at the ships, here is the MSDS showing how dangerous it is, apart from the broken glass danger: ), throwing some chemical that makes the decks slippery (hello! slippery decks+broken glass+dangerously cold waters you can die in rapidly=violent attacks that threaten people's lives!), illegally boarding vessels to then lie and claim a "hostage situation" to cause friction between countries diplomatically (Watson's lies were all caught on film however), etc. Of course, if the Japanese do anything in self-defense the terrorists contact the media claiming they (the attackers) were victims. Things have gotten heated up down there now. One terrorist ship sunk after purposely colliding with a whaling ship. There's been at least two rammings I know of. Here's one, showing Sea Shepherd ramming (and proof they lied to the press):

And another, this one from last year:

Watson is claiming for the third season of whale wars this year that tactics will be stronger, etc.

So, I'll say this: if someone with a ship and money is going to go after these terrorists, let me know, I'd volunteer to help stop these terrorists. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw this show, a show for eco-terrorism. At first attempts were made to present both sides. Now, watch ads for it, and watch season's blatant propaganda for the Sea Shepherd people.