Friday, April 9, 2010

Cities Gag Me, Lazy Seeds, Jobs and More

I took a long walk the other day, middle of the day, during the worst traffic here. I don't normally do so but I had several things to do around town. Well, it reminded me of why I always avoided that before: I couldn't breathe! Nothing but car fumes gagging me, then I got light headed after breathing in constant diesel fumes for a mile (what was with all the trucks?). It's amazing how for such a small place, this town has all the traffic congestion and pollution problems you'd expect in a big city in NY.

Note to self: walk at night again, or walk in the woods instead, unless forced to spend time in the city during the day. Of importance also I noted some real (somewhat threatening) characters roaming the streets, none of them locals. We're definately attracting the wrong sorts from certain cities out of state. I suspect everyone locally knows the same thing.

Now, other things: my seeds are lazy this year. Absolutely lazy in growing. They're coming up but very, very slowly. Seems to me more should be up already. Well, whatever, I have a couple months before they need to go in the ground anyways. The trees outside are not being lazy but it may hurt them. This warm weather has gotten the trees coming back to life too early, so when we get a hard freeze like we should still get, it will be bad. I predict some bad crops of nuts and fruit this year, and a die off for the wildlife. I hope I'm wrong, but if not, you heard it here first.

I've been attempting to get some work (because obviously trapping isn't exactly bringing in big profits these days), a good paying job, ideally to have enough to pay cash for some land within a year and the permit crap to build. This is easier said than done. I applied for a job as a park ranger and it closed yesterday, but still no word. I've heard it can take a few weeks for them to score the applications, and even then, I may well be beat by someone who gets a score of 110 from a veterans preference. The wait is killing me. If I got it I'd have enough cash by September for everything. There's other things out there but honestly, working part time retail work isn't going to cut it, and is more likely to drive me to insanity than to success. I need something where I'm out of the city and away from crowds. Too bad there aren't many logging opportunities here that I can find. That would work well for me. I once wanted to teach but I'm convinced now I'm absolutely not teacher material.

The socialists have really screwed up the economy here, and of course, seem intent on spreading it over the rest of the country too. The biggest problem with this state is for too long we've allowed a bunch of elitist, marxist (yes, I'll use the dirty Vermont F word) flatlanders from NY, MA, CT and NJ and ex-hippies run this state after they escaped the sewers they created at home. We've allowed them to usurp our state and run it into the ground. I saw where there's a group of welfare entitlement activists encouraging the state to raise taxes even more rather than cut what they think they're entitled to. I wish I had commented on it when it came out because I can't find it anymore, but the local paper had an article on a lifelong welfare recipient who's organized others to fight to stay on government handouts for life. Now it's one thing to need help when things get bad, but to have no drive to do anything but collect handouts all your life? That's disturbing. The whole entitlement attitude in it just about put me into shock. It's frightening that this is what our country is turning into. And in this state too, it's hard to believe what was once the most conservative, hard working state has turned into this. The socialists/progressives have poisoned multiple generations with laziness and a hatred for work, religion, liberty and success.

One of the kooks from Brattleboro has announced a run for governor, but I honestly must say they had to have been high when they wrote it (though admittedly anything marxist strikes me that way):

The scariest part is I could actually see a person like that winning votes in Brattleboro and Burlington (can we please split those cities off from this state?). These people want the government running our lives, they want to manipulate us through "planning" and social engineering, treating us as guinea pigs in a big experiment. We need to rid our government of these sorts. Will people wake up this November and quit voting for these idiots or will our state and country just slowly collapse?

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