Monday, June 16, 2008

crazy weather week

Weather's been crazy this week. Severe thunderstorms, flooding, sewage backed into people's homes, erosion all over, etc. The damage to my garden wasn't too bad but there was definately some erosion and some damaged plants. I was out in the middle of the woods on last Tuesday when a storm hit. It ended my camping trip pretty quickly. A tree fell about 20 feet from my tent. A big, live pine tree. That wind was quite strong. On the bright side, I got some target practice time in earlier that day. I didn't catch any fish but I tried.

The SCOTUS still hasn't ruled on the gun case. The suspense is killing me. It should be out on Monday, odds are. I sure hope they don't delay any longer with it, and they better do a very good job with it.

I haven't heard anything from the aldermen or chief yet on the police harassing me over open carry. I wanted to go to tonight's board of aldermen meeting, but didn't, I was too dirty, and tired, after most of the day being spent shopping for plants to replace the lost ones and then working on my garden. That rain sure did help the weeds grow.

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