Saturday, November 29, 2008

HS Precision Prints Endorsement from Ruby Ridge Murderer Lon Horiuchi

This is absolutely repulsive. This man illegally shot and murdered a woman holding her little child at Ruby Ridge and escaped murder charges on a technicality. He should have been tried, convicted, and senetenced to death years ago. Now this company which manufactures firearms and parts (take note that they make many stocks for Remington brand firearms as well) does the ultimate spit in the faces of those of us who value the Second Amendment and despise government tyranny: they proudly print a murderer's endorsement of their products, and from the murky details I've found so far, he may even be on their payroll in some fashion. Thus far HS Precision has ignored messages from people complaining. Remington, however, has sent out responses to people saying they'll refuse to buy firearms with HS Precision stocks:

Thanks for your note. Was Mr Horiuchi charged and convicted of a crime in
the event you reference?
Thank you
Tommy Milner

Now that was a rather foolish response. Perhaps that individual is simply ignorant of the details, including why that murderer got away with what he did, and a better response will be forthcoming. But if not, there are plenty of choices out there in the gun world besides Remington...

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