Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hamas Claims Ties to Obama Aides

Well the following story is quite interesting. It seems Hamas claims to have had contacts with Obama campaign aides even before he was elected. What's more, this fellow, Rob Malley, was essentially forced to the side back in the summer when some information surfaced that he may have had ties with Hamas, but now that Obama was elected, he's back:

Obama Advisor Malley's Role UncertainAfter the U.S. elections,
President-elect Obama appointed Robert Malley as a senior foreign policy
adviser. Malley, who served as an “informal adviser” to the Obama
campaign, was reportedly forced to sever his ties with the campaign six months
ago, when The Times of London reported that he was meeting with Hamas
representatives on a regular basis. During the campaign Obama claimed he
opposed contacts with the Hamas.
At the time, campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt
stated that "Rob Malley has, like hundreds of other experts, provided informal
advice to the campaign in the past. He has no formal role in the
campaign. He will not play any role in the future."



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Yeah isn't it?

Electing this guy will prove to be the biggest mistake this country has made in a long time...