Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama, Wildfires, Garden

Well, it's been a while since I last posted.

Since then, Obama has got caught offering two people running in primary elections jobs to drop out. Perhaps he's going to pull a Nixon and do our country a big favor by getting impeached if he doesn't resign? Probably not until the dems lose some more seats in Congress.

Obama is also bungling the oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil threatens important marshes, fisheries, and even the freshwater supply of Florida (it could potentially get into FL's aquifer, destroying the state). The feds were supposed to have plans and equipment in place for this sort of thing, but did not. After being heavily critical of Bush on Katrina, it seems Obama has decided to do worse.

Just last week my land in Alaska was threatened by a wildfire, as were many neighbors and their property. The "Applegate Fire" as it was named started because of a dry thunderstorm's lightning striking during dry conditions, got out of control and burned several thousand acres, breaching the Elliot Highway, burning some of Eureka, and putting the villages of Minto and Manley Hot Springs at risk. The government response initially was a bit lacking, to say the least. It only got raised in level and given attention by the feds before it was really fought by the authorities. Thankfully, the local residents of the area got together and made firebreaks with their own equipment and between that, the wind shifting and turning it in on itself, some rain, and finally some help by firefighters, it's relatively under control now, with just some spotfires. It could have been much worse but luckily, I'm not aware of any homes destroyed. It got within a mile and a half of the area my land and several others' land is at. This year's wildfires are unprecedented in recent times. Very early and lots of fires because of dry and hot weather. Spruce is just standing fuel ready to be ignited in dry conditions.

My garden is mostly okay. The peas got eaten up but are recovering, seems most of my seed is coming up now, and I transplanted in some melons, tomatoes, peppers, etc. The cantaloupe looks unhappy but I'll see how it goes. I've noticed a woodchuck up there which will likely be a source of problems.


E. Z. Sjolander. The Rebel. said...

Knowing your generally libertarian viewpoints, I was surprised to read that Obama was bungling the response to the oil spill. I believe BP is the one bungling the response, seeing as how they are the ones that created the mess. The only thing the government should do in this case is to use it as a good argument for repealing the $75 million liability limit that serves to protect the big oil companies.

CJ said...

Well the government is showing it can't do what it said it could. No surprise really, but after Obama railed against the government's response to hurricane Katrina (I tended to rail against people depending on the government to save them), I thought it had to be said that he couldn't do any better.

Yeah, BP is the one responsible, but I had to point out the government's failure to do what it said it could.

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