Sunday, October 5, 2008

Obama, the Corrupt Fascist

Obama is a corrupt Chicago machine politician and has some disturbing seemingly fascist leanings. Let's start with some of the corruption issues. Firstly, study his background and entry into politics in Chicago. He was closely connected with the Daley gang in Chicago. Secondly, he was associated with this Rev. Wright's "church" for around 20 years. That reverend is a bigot of the highest order yet Obama only rejects him when he must to be elected. Perhaps this is more dishonesty than corruption but it shows his character well, that he could be deaf to the racist rantings of this lunatic reverend for 20 years and/or did not agree with him, yet attended regularly for 20 years. Next, more serious stuff: Obama, it can not be doubted, has been closely connected with the radical leftist group known as ACORN. ACORN has been involved multiple times in voter fraud and attempting to rig elections. Here are some details (and if you do not trust my sources for any reason please research this in more depth yourself, any honest person left or right should be horrified by this):

Now, there are also some questions on Obama's eligibility, based on complex legal technicalities. A judge rejected Obama's motion to dismiss a case filed against him by a democrat challenging his qualification. Whether or not this will prove to be a legitimate question or simply a conspiracy theory will be decided by the court.

Next, some of Obama frightening fascist tendancies. Now whether or not Obama is on the level of Hitler is perhaps questionable at this point (we have no way of knowing what he may do if he gets an office as high as the presidency though), but I find the following items quite frightening: Obama planned to use law enforcement in MO and AR (in particular, sheriffs) to charge opponents with libel among other possibilities in order to silence critics. The governor of Missouri has issued a statement condemning this abuse of law enforcement and of civil rights:

Now, the fact that he would do such a thing should terrify Americans who value their civil rights, but it gets worse, if you can believe it. Obama is rabidly anti-gun and his record in IL bears this out. However, extremism the likes of Chicago Mayor Daley's will not be popular in much of the U.S. because so many of us rightly value our Second Amendment rights, so he has attempted to play down his anti-gun feelings in this election. The NRA of course will and has revealed, through ads, Obama's true feelings and positions. Obama's response: threaten a lawsuit to stop the ads.

Obama is very clever with manipulative use of the media. Remember that grand speech in Germany to such a big crowd? All there for Obama? Well, the truth became known quickly: the vast majority of those present were not there for Obama, they were there for a free rock concert and beer was supplied in liberal amounts for free as well (and he did the same earlier, back in May, in Oregon):

And who can forget what is somewhat disturbing as possibly the beginnings of the future Obama Youth as brainwashed children praise their leader:

Is Obama studying the fascists for guidance or is he a true fascist himself? Only time will tell, but I find this man to be a serious threat to our Constitution, our freedom, and our country. It would be a serious mistake to elect this man president.

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