Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Government Does not Represent Us

I'm sure most know by now that the federal government passed the bailout for the corrupt and greedy bankers and wall street, the ones who have both created this problem and the ones who constantly outsource our jobs in the interest of greater profit while their executives make millions. The vast majority of Americans, left and right, opposed it. Congress and the president ignored that fact, and at one time even limited the phone calls and emails allowed to prevent people from actually getting their opposition heard. It has made it clear, what has been known to others like myself for years: the federal government does not represent "we the people" but rather itself, bankers, big corporations and even foreign governments (witness the situation on the Mexican border and the NAFTA super corridor being built). We the people should be seceding from it. Let it represent these others, but let it have no power to steal from us both money and liberty to do so.

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