Thursday, December 18, 2008

More on the Ohio Food Raid

That family that was subjected to a heavy-handed SWAT team raid in OH has filed a complaint about the incident, I hope results are seen but we shall see:

Thursday, December 18, 2008YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Armed officers raid home, hold mom, kids for 6 hours

Health department cops allege licensing issues over food co-op

Posted: December 17, 2008 11:20 pm

Jacqueline and John StowersAn Ohio family whose members have
served their friends and neighbors with food cooperative services involving bulk
and discount supplies has been targeted in a raid by armed law enforcement
officers wearing black fatigues who forcibly rounded up the mom and 10 children
and held them for six hours.The raid prompted a complaint filed today on behalf
of the family by the Center for Constitutional Law at the Buckeye Institute. It
alleges authorities "made a haphazard unannounced entry into the property with
guns drawn, as other officers surrounded the property, with guns drawn," then
"confiscated the family's personal food supply, personal computers, and personal
cell phones."The complaint names the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Lorain
County General Health District and the state's attorney general. A spokeswoman
at the Department of Agriculture said its officers were at the scene in an
advisory role. A spokeswoman at the county health agency refused to comment
except to explain it was a "licensing" issue regarding the family's Manna
Storehouse.An prosecutor assigned to handle the case declined to respond to WND
requests for a comment.It's not the first such case of authorities invading a
home over issues involving the operations of food co-ops. WND reported several
months ago when authorities in Pennsylvania demanded $4,000 in fines from a
farmer who provided raw milk to friends and neighbors.That case also was
highlighted by a SWAT team-like raid on Mark Nolt's farm, when government agents
confiscated tens of thousands of dollars worth of his products as well as pieces
of machinery he used for his milk handling and sales.John and Jacqueline
Stowers, whose Ohio home was raided, explained their work in providing
affordable, healthy foods to friends and neighbors in a video posted both on
YouTube and on the Buckeye Institute's website.

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Senator Leahy responded to my email recently as well. I'm not surprised he isn't saying too much on it right now, but at least it's being brought to people's attention. The sort of thugs behind the raid tend to prefer secrecy.

Dear Mr. XXX:

Thank you for contacting me about the recent
events at the Manna Storehouse in Ohio. I appreciate you sharing your concerns
with me.

The Lorain County Sheriff's Office executed the search
warrant with the county Health Department and the Ohio Department of
Agriculture. According to local government sources, the Manna Storehouse is
under investigation to determine whether it is operating a retail food business
without a license. However, since all the facts have yet to come out about this
case, I hesitate to comment further.

Regarding the nomination of
the next Secretary of Agriculture, please know that I will consider each nominee
brought before the Senate very carefully. I trust that the next Secretary of
Agriculture will make more decisions and policy choices that take into account
the many connections between agriculture and public health, agriculture and
energy and climate change, agriculture and education, and of course the
importance of organic and sustainable agriculture.

Thank you again
for contacting me. Please keep in touch.

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