Friday, August 29, 2008

The government tramples on people's rights

This poor fellow getting ready for a hunting trip abroad had the misfortune of checking into the same hotel in Denver, CO as nancy pelosi. He had rifles and handguns, all unloaded, cased, secure in his luggage. Evidently her majesty queen pelosi doesn't like we the people to be armed (us stupid serfs), so the rat hotel clerk (note how the manager contradicts himself, saying the fellow was caught with the firearms while checking in, yet the manager claims to not know why he was there, what a rat, a boycott is in order) reported the man had firearms and the man is now in jail being charged falsely with concealed weapons without a license. The story can be read at:

He violated no laws. The relevant laws, from the Denver municipal code are as follows:

"Sec. 38-117. Dangerous or deadly weapons--Prohibitions....(b) It shall be unlawful for any person, except a law enforcement officer in the performance of duty, to carry, use or wear any dangerous or deadly weapon, including, but not by way of limitation, any pistol, revolver, rifle, ...Sec. 38-118. Same--Affirmative defenses....(b) It shall be an affirmative defense to charges brought under section 38-117(b) that the weapon is or was carried by such person:...(3) For the legitimate sporting use of such weapons, including shooting matches or other target shooting, or trap or skeet shooting; all such weapons being so used shall be unloaded when carried or transported to or from such sporting use;"

Under CO state law an unloaded firearm is not a "concealed weapon."

So he violated no laws. The self-proclaimed elite in our country merely hold our liberties in contempt. If these political rats (pelosi, obama, etc.) were not scum they'd speak up for this fellow. I pray that he gets a good lawyer and brings a claim under the Civil Rights Act of 1871. These scum behind this malicious violation of his rights have no legitimate claim to represent us.

I will also add, this is why while "shall issue" permit/license laws for carrying weapons have been called a great victory by second amendment supporters, I think it is a very incomplete step on the road to a victory. By requiring a license at all, no matter how easily obtained, it opens the door to false claims and violations of rights by police officers. If the laws were as in Vermont and Alaska, no license being required, there would be no possible way for them to bring such false charges.

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