Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big week in the garden!

Well, not too long ago the garden was flooded by some very heavy rains. Luckily, everything dried out and survived, but where I sank almost to my knees in the mud shows! Anyways, I've got blossoms forming on some of my little pepper and tomato plants (they're still growing bigger but they have blossoms already). My peas are growing peas and soon I'll have some to eat. I noticed my first little tiny bean growing yesterday. On the Golden Lumen wax beans (a bush type). My pole beans are vining and climbing. They take longer to grow anyways.
The watermelon plants are going slow but I put some clear plastic down on the soil around the plants to warm things up since the weather has been fairly cool most of the past month. Today's weather has been a miserable, humid heat though. I don't think the peanuts will do anything from the looks of it but it was worth a try and a little fun just the same. The cucumber plants and the carrots are taking off and I even saw some squash flowers starting to form. The potatoes need more soil hilled up on them. I might actually use mulch for the rest of what I put on them to make things easier. The onions are doing great but I'm seeing some flower stalks appearing where I don't want them. The broccoli was attacked by some wildlife (I saw deer footprints a couple weeks ago so I improved the fence and haven't see any lately) but recovered quick and is forming some nice heads. Still, not going to be a great crop and it's starting to get to where it'll be too hot for it. I'm going to do a fall crop of it, I have better luck that way anyways. My everbearing (actually, day neutral type, I wanted Ozark Beauty plants but couldn't find any but found some day neutral types) strawberries are doing nicely but so far no fruit but a couple small berries since I planted them this season. I should get something later in the season though. I'm keeping a close eye on a nice big patch of wild blue berries I found so I can hopefully get some before the critters get all of them. My dill this year has been a total loss, something ate or killed it, and I don't know what. It went missing overnight without a trace. Probably eaten. I'm growing some more but I doubt it'll be ready on time for my cucumbers to use it in my pickles. My corn has been attacked some but so far I've got enough growing for myself. I replanted some seeds for the stalks destroyed by my enemies the chipmunks, it might grow before the frosts hit since it's an early/short season type (yukon chief) but we'll see...


Freeholder said...

Have you ever heard anything back from the police department? Sounds like you have some doozies in that department. Oregon has legal open carry, and while I don't know how the police in the larger urban areas (such as Eugene or Portland) would react to it, out here where we are I don't think many people would even notice. The police might check on it, but I doubt very much that they'd hassle you. My pastor is a former police officer, and is a volunteer on the force here, and he encourages people to get concealed carry permits and use them!

I enjoyed reading your blog -- you write well!

Kathleen, AKA Freeholder

CJ said...

Hi Freeholder! Just noticed your comment today (haven't checked or updated my blog too recently as you may notice, been busy...). I haven't exactly heard a response or apology or anything from the police (no surprise, they really are pretty terrible in this city with a few exceptions). I got a response from the mayor, basically, he wanted nothing to do with it. Now oddly enough, the next Board of Aldermen meeting after I sent letters to the board members on this, they had an executive session with the city attorney there. They talked about firefighters' contracts and, as I understand it, my letters. They haven't responded, however, I've open carried repeatedly since then and so far the police haven't stopped me. I've passed by police cruisers and so far no stopping...I doubt they want a lawsuit given the city's rough financial situation. I referenced in my letters section 1983 of Title 42 USC (the Civil Rights Act of 1871) which lets civil suits be filed in federal court against any public official or LEO who under color of law deprives or attempts to do so, a person of any civil right. Suits under this staute can run in the millions, and the defendant is responsible for all the legal fees of the plaintiff. Considering the SCOTUS recently ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual right, obviously, that issue could be brought to a lawsuit under this federal law. An officer or official's position offers no protection. Maybe they got the hint?

Glad to hear your pastor is that way! I'm always glad to see good officers but based on what I've experienced here and have read over the years I tend to not trust officers until they show themselves to be good/trustworthy, you know what I mean?

Oregon's pre-emption law has some quirks. It doesn't pre-empt old city ordinances against open carrying without a CC license, and I understand Portland is anti-open carry. Research it carefully, it's not as simple as VT's laws, unfortunately.